Phplist Newsletter Management System

PHPList is a PHP/MySQL application that completely manages your mass email system, and let's your recipients do all the dirty work. It's probably the most powerful open source/free newsletter management software available, matching (and often exceeding) many of the features of commercial mailing list solutions

PHPList is designed around the double-opt-in model, and is geared toward making it easy for mass email recipients to subscribe, update and unsubscribe themselves from all of your organization's email lists. Basically, there's nothing to update or maintain.

it adds a number of useful default features, including email from RSS feeds and sophisticated user management that really extends the power of an announcement-based mailing list.

The double-opt-in system and easy unsubscribe features help you make sure you stay in compliance with privacy laws and make sure that only people who want to receive your emails are on your lists. It does what all the fancy email services do: once someone signs up for your newsletter, they have to check their inbox for a confirmation message and click through a link to activate their account. After this is done, every email you send them has links in the footer for account management so you never have to manually remove someone from your mailing lists again.

Using PHPlist is a simple matter of creating, customizing and managing your lists. The standard Web-based subscription and unsubscription features you'd expect are all there, plus a few interesting additions. With custom attributes fields you can do more than just capture an email address; you can also add in additional fields ( i.e. geography, interests, age, etc.) to better understand and categorize your subscribers. When it comes time to mail your message, you can use those same attributes to decide who gets what message.

Another cool trick is that PHPList is smart enough to make sure no duplicate emails ever get sent to the same email address. When someone signs up, it creates a separate account for their email address, and then adds that account to as many lists as the user wants to subscribe to. If you send an email out to multiple lists, and a certain recipient is on more than one of them, they will only get that message once.

PHPList has the FCKEditor built in, so your users can create slick HTML emails full of formatting, graphics and links. There are also features that let you create RSS feeds from your newsletters, enable click tracking for embedded url's, and handle bounces from bad email addresses. Lots of other cool stuff is either built-in or on the horizon for future releases.

The email engine is fast, too. Although you can throttle it to stay on your ISP' s good side, it can send 25,000 email messages per hour or more. They can appear to come from any valid email address that your users choose, and since they all come from the same SMTP server, you can optimize that server to keep your messages from being flagged as spam.

PHPList is more secure, faster and more professional than all the other traditional ways of doing bulk email. And best of all (like most Open Source software) it doesn't cost a penny. If you need a solution for one-to-many mass email announcements or newsletters in your organization, you should definitely check it out.

Credit: Donnie Schexnayder and Sean Michael Kerner

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