Why use a copywriter?

'Clients maximise satisfaction by regular purchases.'

What's wrong with that sentence?

It's horrible. No one really talks like this - and no one likes to read it. It's corporate speak, which is all about dressing up a simple message in linguistic bling. If it sounds familiar that's because so many people write in corporate speak, even though it's often impossible to understand.

Put another way, that sentence is pompous and could far better be expressed as:

'Going shopping makes people happy.'

Copywriters make people happy too. They help them to sell their products, to explain their services, to shout loud about their campaigns. Copywriters find the fastest, most direct way to people's minds by picking just the right words for the occasion.

Oddly, copywriters often write fewer words than their clients expect. They cut through the waffle and find the central message. Then they use as few words as possible to talk about that message - people don't want to wade through a quagmire of unnecessary words, they want to read, and go.

And they want to read the most important information first, and to know how to find out anything else they need. So really good writing is structured and clearly signposted.

Keep it simple. Know what you want to say. Say it. In the right order. Stop.

That's all there is to it.

Credit: © 2010 Sarah Butler at www.looseleafproductions.co.uk

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