Meta Tags


Posted by Webcat December 6

If you aren't utilizing meta tags in your web site's pages, you may be missing out on valuable traffic and therefore paying customers!

Meta tags are the sections of your HTML that provide direction and information for search engine robots. To get the best rankings possible in some search engines, be sure to use meta tags in every web page. Meta tags are not viewable to your visitors unless they examine the source code of your pages.

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Domain Names and Why You Need One


Posted by Webcat December 6

The domain name system was originally created for the benefit of humans. The actual address used by computers is numerical in format and is referred to as an IP, or Internet Protocol, address. An IP address takes the form of four series of numbers separated by full stops. An example of an IP address is, and as you can see this would not be easy for most of us to remember.

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  • It works beautifully. Thank you so much, such a relief, I can now get on with all sorts of things! I told everyone at the Chelsea Show that we now had the records on the net!!!! ~ Anne Boscovan, Highbeeches Gardens

  • Hi Vicky Its brilliant - Thank You! ~ Kirk & Kirsty, Verdi Studios - Islington

  • Very pleased and think its all great. Thank you ever so much ~ Margot Lofts, The Beauty Spot - Little Common

  • I am so pleased that you can help me. I look forward to having a simple life. ~ David Adams , Magical Matters (hosting service)

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