Why use a copywriter?


Posted by Webcat November 23

'Clients maximise satisfaction by regular purchases.'

What's wrong with that sentence?

It's horrible. No one really talks like this - and no one likes to read it. It's corporate speak, which is all about dressing up a simple message in linguistic bling. If it sounds familiar that's because so many people write in corporate speak, even though it's often impossible to understand.

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How To Optimize For Google 2011


Posted by Webcat April 13

By Scott Van Achte,Expert Author
Article Date: 2011-04-13

The Right Keywords: As long as search is keyword driven, this will always be important. The focus has switched slightly in many cases avoiding difficult general phrases and targeting long tail and geographic specific ones, but the right keywords are still needed.
Title Tags: Try to keep them to less than 70 characters.
Keyword Placement in Body Text: Keep it natural; include your targets throughout wherever it makes sense.
Synonyms. You don't hear many people talking about this anymore, but sprinkle in some synonyms just for fun as I believe it can help in some cases
Keywords In Domain: It does look like the value here has dropped, but not off the charts, so it can still help. Just be sure to keep it clean.
Keywords in Filenames: There is some value here, so don't ignore it, but don't abuse it either.<
Keywords in Heading Tags: Still important if natural.

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