PhpList Snapshots

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Subscribe pages list

List shows all the lists owned by an admin. Only SuperAdmins have access to all the lists.

From this page, you can also add and edit lists. For a description of this please return to the first snapshot entitled: 'Subscribe Page Edition'

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Message statistics

Phplist offers several levels for message statistics, depending on the message tracking features you have enabled: basic, user track or click track message statistics.

Message statistics
If you enabled user tracking, an overview of message open statistics will be displayed beneath the standard message statistics table on the list all messages page.
Viewed - refers to the total number of times a message was opened. This number includes multiple views by the same users.
Unique Views - refers to the total number of unique users that have opened the message at least one time.

User statistics
You can also find some additional message open info for each individual user, by loading the user's history page. These include the date and time of the latest view, and the response time in seconds between the time the message was sent and last viewed.

Click tracking statistics
If you enabled click tracking, an overview of click statistics will be displayed beneath the standard message statistics table on the 'list all messages' page.

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Messages status

This page allows you to see the list of sent, draft, queued and RSS messages. This is useful not only to verify the status of a message, but also to view statistics and to edit, requeue, or re-send a message to the same or different lists.

There are four tabs corresponding to the status of a message:
sent tab
draft tab
queued tab
RSS tab (if active)

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