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List of all Users

The Users page allows you to view all the users in the database. You can choose the order in which the users are listed. If you are not a SuperAdmin, you will only have access to all the users who have subscribed to at least one list which you own.

The Users page also allows you to search for users by using one of the attributes you have created in your database (by default: by email).

From this page, you can also export users to a CSV file.
This page also allows you to delete and add users.

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Create & send message

This is the central feature of phplist (see Message functions). There are several options to send a message using phplist, depending on your needs. For the documentation pages, we will replicate the division by "tabs" you can find in the send a message page:
Content tab
Format tab
Attach tab
Scheduling tab
Criteria tab
Lists tab
Misc tab

To send a message using phpList, there are a minimum of four rules to follow:
1. You have to have a message to send: you can't send an empty message! So the Message Content tab must be appropriately filled in.
2. You have to choose one or several lists you will send the message to. So you must choose at least one list in the Select Lists tab.
3. Do not forget to click on Save changes when you go from one tab to the next.
4. You have to process the message queue to actually send out the message.

At any point, you can send a test message to see what the actual message would look like.

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List of newsletters

List shows all the lists (or newsletters) owned by an admin. From this page, you can also add and edit newsletters.

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